When taking your dog to the groomers and bathers cleaning a dog’s ears and eyes on their spa day is necessary.

Clean ears and no tear marks near your pets eyes are a sign that your dog is keeping up with their hygiene and is a good sign of overall health.

Some dogs require more ear cleaning than usual due to wax and debris build up, especially those breeds that have longer ears. Some breeds that are known to have long ears and are prone to infections and need regular ear cleaning are basset hounds, beagles, cocker spaniels, irish setters, lhasa apso, amongst others.

Dog’s that are prone to frequent ear infections are suggested to have their ears cleaned on occasion so that the infection does not re-occur.

It is important to purchase a good ear cleaner like Virbac epiotic ear cleanser for your dog and good quality cotton when it comes to cleaning your pooches ears.

Since the ear canal of a dog is complex in nature, it is very easy for dirt from the external environment and debris to easily get trapped inside. Without frequent cleaning this can impact their ability to hear properly, cause them irritability, and even lead to infections.

When learning how to clean your young pup or adult dog’s ears for the first time, take the help of a professional groomer or bathing assistant to help teach you. First start cleaning your dog’s ears in front of them, once it becomes quick to grasp, you can try this alone at home.

Ear cleaners with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol can cause irritation within the ear canal, especially if the canal is inflamed or ulcerated.

Hence it is important to check with your veterinarian first before getting a ear cleaner which you can steadily use on your pet.

Never use human Q-tips to clean your dog’s ears. That is a big no no!

They are not meant for canines, and if you know someone who does stop them immediately.

When it comes to cleaning your dog’s eyes this is an extremely sensitive area, so tread with caution. Avoid the pupil and retina at all costs, and only stick to the  area around the eye and not the eyeball.

When cleaning for the first time focus on the corners of the eyes, and use a soft cotton ball to wipe with lukewarm water or eye cleaner.

It is important to be firm yet gentle when cleaning this area, and never immediately go in directly near their face to clean your dog’s eyes and startle your dog.

Always signal to them that it is time for eye and ear cleaning.

Avoid using paper napkins or towels as they can easily disintegrate when wet, and cause a hazard if they go into the eye.

When it comes to wet wipes, people use this to clean their dog’s eyes due to the fact that they are pre-moistened.

However make sure that the ingredients don’t cause irritability to your dog’s skin and are vet approved. Chemical based wet wipes with fragrances are best to be avoided on dogs and only used for humans.

Tear stains that form on your dog’s eyes are usually caused due to tears and bacteria build up that leave these dark discolorations on your dog’s skin.

They can be removed with with regular intervention and cleaning, but if you notice that the tear stains are not going, it could be a sign of a deeper medical issue, such as inflamed or infected tear ducts that needs to be checked out with your veterinarian.

These are the reasons why cleaning your Dog’s eyes and ears are important, remember a clean and hygienic dog is a happy dog!

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