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Dog Care Service in Bangalore

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Behavioral Training

Working with animals requires a lot of time, consistency, and passion. We want to be able to use any available resource to help guide dogs and owners to learn better and do better. A good relationship between the handler and dog is built through clearly understanding each other’s needs and communicating using body language and verbal cues. No matter your dog’s age, breed, sex, weight, or behavior, all dogs and humans are welcome to come and learn at The Collar Club.

  • First Behavioural Assessment
  • Adult dogs 1-on-1 Training
  • Puppy 1-on-1 Training
  • Puppy Basics Program

Online Behavioral Training

Working with animals requires a lot of time, consistency, and passion. We want to be able to use any available resource to help guide dogs and owners.
Through our online training program, you will be able to learn with a professional trainer in the comfort of your own home.
These packages will greatly benefit any pet parent and their pooch who cannot make it in person to our training and wellness center (located- in Ulsoor, Bengaluru KA) but are determined to learn and train their dog regardless.
We hope to give you the same benefits that we offer our clients in their in-person sessions, to help you achieve your puppy or adult dog’s training goals… but now online!

  • First Behavioural Assessment
  • Adult dogs 1-on-1 Training
  • Puppy 1-on-1 Training

First Time Pet Parent Consultation

Planning to bring home a new dog?  We at The Collar Club are now here to help you out with this life-changing decision.

Are you planning to bring home a new four-legged member to join your family? Unsure about which dog breed will suit you, and whether you should take the plunge to become a first-time pet parent?
We at TCC the best Dog Care Service in Bangalore is here to help you and give you expert advice on how to go about the process of getting a new puppy or doggo home. We will take you through what you need to become a first-time pet parent and the work it will entail, and how to create the best lifelong bond with your canine counterpart.
We will also talk to you about pet adoption, re-homing, and getting a senior dog from a shelter.

Organic Spa

At The Collar Club, we treat your pets just like we treat ourselves — with lots of love, care, and patience. Whether you just want a basic wash and all-around pampering session or want to address a specific skin concern, we’ve got your back! Our spa sessions take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the service. We only use organic and vet-approved products, choosing what works best for your pet’s skin and coat concerns!

  • Bark to Basics
  • Scooby Dub Dub Spa
  • Cherry on Top

Loose Leash Walking

Regular exercise and keeping fit are as crucial for our young puppies and adult dogs as much as it is for us.
With this in mind, we offer loose leash walks with a trained dog walker and handler.
Your dogs will improve on their obedience, be able to walk beside you and keep pace, master the heel command, and become more confident in new social environments and settings.
At the collar club, we understand that not every pet parent has time to routinely walk their dogs owing to a hectic lifestyle or busy workday- here is where we step in.

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Daily Loose Leash Walking Pack

Pet Sitting

Ensure your pet doggo has company during the day in the comfort of their own home while owners are away on holiday or at work.

Trusted trained members of the team will pet sit your dog, play with them, and do some basic training and mental stimulation activities; leaving your pooch perfectly content throughout the day. 


We strive to make engagement with the patient and pooch seamless. We offer puppy socialization and adult dog socialization classes on the weekends.
Here you will learn all the hacks on how to make your dog feel more comfortable interacting with other new dogs and humans in a responsible manner.
You will see a positive change in behavior in your puppies and adult dogs through frequent socialization sessions.

  • Adult Dog Socialisation Classes
  • Puppy Socialisation Classes
  • Therapaw
  • Birthday Parties



What our customers say
about the collar club…

parvesh debuka
parvesh debuka
Tara is just what i was looking for. She has great empathy for not just the dogs but their owners as well. 🙂 I found her very patient, she freely shared all the training information with me and went outside her schedule to accommodate me. She has been very proactive in checking with me on my dog and how her training schedule is coming along. She is really good at the training process itself and I would highly recommend this place to train your dog.
Aneesh Karthik
Aneesh Karthik
Dyaaaam this is the best place for my kid. Tara James does her best to get things corrected for your dog and Sam takes care of maintaining your dog so they always look cute and beautiful. I am so happy to have found TCC.
Ata Simmons
Ata Simmons
We have been working with Tara and team for a few months now. They have been fundamental in helping us train one of our dogs for obedience and have been helping us understand and aid our reactive dog. They're well researched, compassionate, and patient in their approach- they're also super reliable, answer all your questions, no matter how many times you ask it, and they remember to make it fun for you and your doggos! I look forward to continuing to work with them.
Millie Mitra
Millie Mitra
The Collar Club has been a life saver for my rescue indie and my human family. TCC helped me undo the most devastating advice given by other half baked trainers and TCC’s personal hand holding resulted in turning Moju my indie from being aggressive, territorial, insecure and anxious into a calm, relaxed and balanced dog. Tara is exceptional in her genuine care and is extraordinarily brilliant in her approach. She is a treasure house of knowledge and wisdom and you can trust her guidance implicitly. She has created a perfect team at TCC. There is no other place than TCC that I would ever have my precious Moju handled by. Thank you TCC you made it possible for us to get Moju to shine and be his beautiful loving self again. Love you guys so much. Always grateful.
Debleena Banerjee
Debleena Banerjee
Yoda has started training with The Collar Club team about two weeks back. Yoda is an anxious and nervous dog. The team has been very patient with him, giving him his space and time to settle down. Already in 3 sessions we are seeing improvements in his body language. Hopefully soon we will be able to enjoy our walks and outings with our fur baby! Thanks Tara and Team TCC! 🙂
Arnold M
Arnold M
My wife and I are first time pet parents, and after adopting our indie girl Zoey (adopted her at 6 weeks), we were at a loss for what the heck we were doing. We tried using online services and YouTube videos to figure out how to handle her or begin to train her for over a month. Although we made some progress, we really didn't know what were doing and what was right versus wrong. Fortunately I found TCC when Zoey was 2.5 months and things just took a U-Turn from there. Tara and the team at TCC helped us recognize the value of new-age training via positive association and reinforcement. Tara's guidance also helped us identify what we needed to adapt within ourselves (behaviours, body language, consistency, schedule etc) to be able able communicate with our little furry monster. Their studio is well equipped to handle all kinds of dog interaction, from puppy to adult to senior. The importance of socialisation, desensitising them to touch, surfaces and other stimuli, and overall communication is very easily managed in that environment away from home. As I write this review, with Zoey being 6+ months old now, we have a pretty well behaved, manageable big puppy who is fulfilled mentally and physically, potty-trained, has a structure and comfortable routine, who we can communicate with and is able to understand us, and is reasonably socialized with other dogs and strangers. We have learnt the importance of ensuring her needs are met holistically, and how to introduce her to new things including noises, places, objects etc. We have also taken advantage of their grooming services on occasion and found it very reasonably priced, but most importantly Zoey was very comfortable with them. I cannot stress the level of comfort we have knowing what we know today thanks to Tara and the team, and we are grateful to have been part of their little doggie school/club. We look forward to a long, evolving relationship as Zoey grows and her needs evolve. Thank you TCC!
Amoolya Bhat
Amoolya Bhat
I have an anxiety ridden dog that is sometimes quite difficult to handle along with him having some health problems. The trainers at TCC handle him very well considering all his restrictions and we've improved quite a bit since the first consultation. They're very caring about your pet babies and will go over and above to work with them. I haven't tried their grooming facilities yet but I'm sure they treat your pets like theirs 🙂 I fully recommend TCC for all fur baby parents- it's never too late or early to train them.
Sathy Joseph
Sathy Joseph
The Collar Club is our favourite place to take our dogs for grooming. It's centrally located and value for money. Everyone over there seems to genuinely loves dogs. We'll definitely be taking our dogs there for future grooming sessions.
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