When it comes to training your young pup or even adult dog, doing it all by yourself can sometimes often present as a challenge, this is where hiring a professional dog trainer helps.

Professional dog trainers have come across many breeds of dogs, their personalities and temperaments. They know how to approach a dog with a behavioural issue, gain their trust and gradually train them. 

They have done multiple courses and have been presented with new cases each time, so they have a past experience of working with and handling dogs the right way. 

When it comes to training a dog it is all about understanding behaviour, why a specific dog does what he does, and is a skill that requires a lot of observation and patience. 

Training a nervous, skittish, and anxiety prone dog is going to have a very different method of training as compared to say a dog that is extremely social, friendly and has massive bouts of energy.

There is plenty of psychology involved when it comes to training a dog, because dogs cannot speak to us, but they communicate what they need to say through their eyes, tail, movements, and overall body language.

A professional dog trainer can teach your dog multiple things, when there is consistency from both the dog and their respective pet parent.

From basic obedience commands, such as sit, stay, down, heel, and free, to ‘go to a crate’ or ‘place’ during crate/place training this is easy for a professional to achieve, because they are built with a lot of patience. Your dog will even learn at a much faster rate when there is consistency involved. 

When you want to achieve a balanced dog, positive reinforcement and reward based training is the right approach to take.

Always hire a professional trainer who has a positive approach when it comes to training.

Dog’s learn faster through repetition, and being praised when they perform certain tasks or commands is going to reinforce them to keep repeating that pleasant behaviour.

A trainer can help encourage your dog and motivate them do things they never thought they could achieve by themselves, they will help instill a belief system within the dog, making the dog feel good about themselves. 

When it comes to obstacles and agility the dog really needs to believe that they can jump over an obstacle or weave soundly through it. They need the encouragement of a professional trainer here  to get through the obstacles and achieve success for themselves.

Professional dog trainers come in handy because they are someone you can trust with your dogs schedule and lifestyle, and they can prepare a training plan based on the needs unique to your own dog. Like mentioned earlier each dog is different, and would need an individual approach when it comes to training them.

Different breeds were bred for different reasons so they each have certain genetic traits or abilities that they can perform based on their specific breed. Their drives are also unique, so a professional dog trainer can help to channel that in built drive.

They know which is the best approach so that both you and your dog learn new things in a safe and positive space.

Professional dog trainers are familiar with the early stages of a dog in puppyhood, but also with the common issues that might occur as the dog ages.

Hiring a professional dog trainer is a beneficial investment to make when it comes to having a happy, healthy, and balanced dog. It saves you a lot of time from reading plenty of things on the internet that do not actually work, or general books on training that are not specific to your dog’s individual breed or temperament.

Hence hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and effort and will help you to have the best relationship you could possibly have with your dog. This will in turn improve your dog’s well being and quality of life. 

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