GSD wearing a muzzle

Muzzle, what is it?
Muzzles  are typically made of wire, plastic, nylon looks like an inverted basket and is placed on the dog’s snout.

Muzzles come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important to introduce your dog to a muzzle in the right manner possible.

You need to be patient and give your dog time when he is first being introduced to the muzzle and work with a professional trainer to introduce the muzzle positively.

Why we need it?

When it comes to training your dog, people often do not like the idea of using a muzzle. However muzzles can come in handy when used the right way and in the right type of situations.

There is often a lot of stigma attached to a muzzle, however it is extremely beneficial for some dogs due to several reasons:

  1. If there are children around, or if your dog is in an environment with new dogs, it is best to be safe rather than sorry and opt for the usage of a muzzle if you are unsure about your dogs’ reactions.
  2. If your dog is nervous or skittish in nature, a muzzle helps protect your dog when they are selective or reactive to strangers.
  3. Following a medical procedure, wearing a muzzle can be beneficial as dog’s tend to lash out in pain, so this can protect both them and other dogs or people that come in their way.

    The Different types of Muzzle’s

    Baskerville muzzle

    Designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to protect against bites but not at the expense of a dog’s welfare or happiness.

    They are large basket shaped rubber muzzles designed with a feeding gap so that the dog can eat, drink water, and breathe comfortably through the muzzle even for extended periods of time.

    We personally recommend the Baskerville muzzle at TCC because it was created in mind with all aspects of a dogs’ well-being.

    Short sleeved muzzle

    Shaped like a sleeve made of typically cloth materials, best suited for small dogs for short periods of time, they usually have only one clasp at the back with straps attached from two sides.

    Short snout muzzle (different muzzles of mesh for brachycephalic dogs)

    For brachycephalic dogs, eg: pugs, French bulldogs. This muzzle is made of a mesh like material and has a hole for their nose, to ensure that they can breathe comfortably.

    Metal basket muzzles

    A metal basket muzzle similar to a Baskerville muzzle it is made of metal, typically not suggested for extended periods of time.

    Common Benefits of Muzzles

    1.They add a layer of safety when introducing your dog to new environments and situations.

    2.They help when a dog needs veterinary care, has an open wound-prevents them from licking and biting the hurt area.

    3.Extremely helpful during dog grooming, hair trimming and nail cutting.

    4.They prevent your dog from eating hazardous substances off the street.

    5.It is an excellent way to ensure to strangers that your dog requires his own personal space.

    6.Protects nervous and skittish dogs during stressful situations.

    7.Helps dogs that are reactive.

    To know more about how to introduce your dog to a muzzle for the first time, and place it on their snout the correct way, it is recommended that you reach out to a professional trainer. We have trained a number of dogs of varied breeds, and personality types to wear a muzzle if a situation demands it.

    Reach out to us online to book a first behavioural assessment if you would like to teach your dog how to wear a muzzle at we will be happy to help you out here.

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