For those dogs that are not used to being left alone and have quite a bit of separation anxiety you can consider hiring a pet sitter. We offer pet sitting services at TCC, so do reach out the next time you plan to leave your dog alone.

Seperation anxiety is a behavioral issue that occurs from the time you leave your puppy alone till you return home. If your dog is attached to you we understand how hard this must be for both you and your dog. 

Hiring a pet sitter is the best solution when you have personal and professional commitments to fulfill and you need to leave your dog for a brief period of time alone. Since they are well trained, love and care for dogs, and are willing to look after them, we suggest you opt for this service.

If you are unable for whatever reason to hire a pet sitter or don’t feel comfortable, and would prefer to completely leave the dog by themselves at home then we are giving you a few pointers and tips to make your dog’s time away from you a stress free experience…

If your dog has been crate trained, leaving them alone in the crate while you return is a good idea. The crate is often a safe haven for dogs to relax in and gives them comfort knowing that they are in a safe and enclosed space, with familiar things around them such as their toys and water bowl.

However make sure that they are not left alone for more than 5 hours in the crate. If you are stepping out for a few hours then the crate is wonderful to utilise.

Another thing that you can do is to get a trusted friend or family member to come spend time with your pooch while you are away. It will make them feel more at ease and comfortable. Always choose a person that your dog has interacted with in the past multiple times, and is comfortable with.

Ask the friend or relative of yours to play with the dog while you are away, keep them engaged, feed them as per their standard routine, and make them feel less isolated and alone by being with them in the same room at all times. 

If a friend or pet sitter is looking after your dog, making sure that your pooch gets some exercise and time to step out and enjoy nature is necessary for their mental well-being. Loose leash walking in the neighborhood is something that can be done which will tire out the pet and make them want to just curl up and sleep while you are away.

Consider leaving the TV volume or some music on at a low setting so that there is some buzz and distraction around.This is a great psychological hack, because being left alone in complete silence for some dogs can emotionally frustrate and upset them. With noise around it gives them that comfort of familiarity.

Providing some mentally stimulating toys and puzzle games like a puzzle box will help keep them busy, improve their sniff working skills, and keep them occupied till you return.

You can fill a kong ball with some peanut butter, create a treasure hunt of treats for your dog to find while you are away, or keep some engaging toy that they can spend hours focusing on while you step out of the house.

By providing these toys, your dog will avoid things like chewing on the furniture or on clothing as a stress coping mechanism. 

For those dogs with separation anxiety leaving some of your clothing on their bed with your scent will give them some comfort, so you can try that the next time you leave them alone.

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