When it comes to deciding what items to purchase for your new puppy when you bring them home for the first time, it can often at times feel overwhelming with the amount of choice the market has in store. So many colorful products and dog items that you pick up…whatever you feel catches your eye.

However, this is the wrong approach to take. Doing your research based on your puppy’s breed and temperament before purchasing their household items is ideally what should be done first. Once you have this in place it makes a world of a difference when it comes to selection.

Some of the items that are essential for your new puppy’s well-being are the following:

1. A collar and name ID– Puppies who are below 10 weeks old, should avoid wearing a collar when they are with their littermates and mother, post this period when they are ready to be adopted by families they would require a good quality collar and leash for when they begin their walking and training. We suggest a Martindale collar that is easy around the neck, and a slip lead for loose leash walks.

2. A puppy-friendly water bowl: Always get a water bowl that is suitable for your dog’s size. They should have something that belongs solely to them as they age and grow. Picking high-quality and sturdy material is always a great idea for a food and water bowl, opt for stainless steel bowls as they are easy to clean and retain food and water well.

3. Crate & Bedding-  Crate training is extremely important for your new puppy to grow into a balanced adult dog. When it comes to purchasing a crate we would suggest going for a metal crate that is easy for your dog to move around in.

It can be made of both metal and durable plastic or complete metal. Pick a size of crate suitable for your puppy’s age, and keep the insides clean and well maintained at all times.

You can place a small mattress inside the crate with dog-friendly pillows and comfort toys that your pet likes. It is important that your dog and you (his human) make this space a safe little haven for your pooch.

If you would like to also purchase a dog bed for your pooch make sure that it is sturdy and easy on their joints. It is best to take your dog to the pet store when it comes to deciding his/her bedding rather than just winging it and ordering a bed online.

4. Pee Pads & Poop Bags- Pee pads and poop bags are a must for you to purchase for your puppy at a young age. Since they are still in the process of being toilet trained it is important that you have poop bags ready for when you take them for short walks, or if they accidentally defecate in the house.

5. Toys (Chew Toys & Puzzle Games)- When choosing toys for your four-legged friend opt for something that is going to benefit them during their teething phase. Mentally stimulating puzzle games is also worth the purchase as they keep your dog fixated and engaged for long periods of time and make them learn something new.

6. Treats- When it comes to getting treats for your dog, first figure out whether your dog is allergic to any meat, if so it is best to avoid that.
Go for homegrown brands that use natural ingredients rather than artificial store-bought items. Dehydrated treats like chicken jerky and cookies made of millets, oats, and ragi with fruit like banana or apple should be considered.

7. Grooming supplies-  If you plan to bathe your puppy at home rather than at a bathing center, use soothing organic products on your dog’s gentle skin like we do at TCC over chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners.

Start your puppy early with a healthy approach and you will see the innumerable benefits on their skin and coat.

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