‘Socialisation’ is essentially the process through which young puppies and even adult dogs learn to react to other humans, animals, and the world around them. It is important that a dog is exposed to as many pleasant encounters with young children, family members, and their own kind so that they don’t associate this with fear or even anxiety and other behavioral issues later in life.

Socialisation also involves becoming used to a wide range of events, environments, and situations as much as possible. Do not expect your dog to naturally become socialized by himself, it is something that needs to be taught and frequently reinforced by his owner, with great patience, effort, and care you will see astonishing results. It also establishes you as the pack leader, whom your four-legged friend looks up to when you take him out and about town.

When you exude confidence and show that you are balanced in their presence, a dog will mimic your actions and do the same. After all your pooch is your biggest supporter!

How will it benefit your dog?

  • Teaching the pawrent and their pooch the right way to meet and greet other dogs.
  • Experiences early on in a puppies life condition their behavior and temperament and make them the adult dog they are meant to be.
  • Socialisation creates confidence early on in a dog’s life.
  • It helps dogs associate with what is and what isn’t a threat
  • It makes them approach young children, babies, and senior members of a family with love and care.
  • Your dog will start getting familiar to new environments with ease and apprehension will be terminated to a fair extent from your pooch’s mind
  • He will be more comfortable around new people, at new events, and new environments.
So, get your puppy or even your adult dog socialised now. Reach out to TCC, to join our socialisation classes or DM us for 1-1 personalised training.

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