Ever noticed your dog eating grass when you take him out to the park or on his daily walk? This is not as uncommon as you might think.

Wild dogs to eat grass, and it is considered normal behavior by most veterinarians and dog trainers.

‘Pica’ is the technical term used for the disorder of eating things that aren’t food. Sometimes your dog could be eating things because he has a nutritional deficiency.

However when it comes to grass especially puppies and adult dogs eat this out of boredom/or to get attention from their owner.

According to research, at least 70% of dogs have eaten some sort of plant growing outdoors in their lifetime.

If you see your dog eating grass, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about, as it will be contributed to the roughage quotient in their diet.

Some dogs do tend to vomit after eating grass, but this depends on how much they have eaten, and whether or not their stomach was upset at the time or not.

If you tend to take your dog out onto a lawn that is not your own, or a new environment, it is important to inquire if it has been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides – as this is dangerous if consumed. 

Raw grass, however, that is not sprayed with pesticides and chemicals is fine for dogs and other animals to consume.

If you wish to curb your dog’s grass-eating behavior, engage them in some play like tug and fetch, and provide games for them that are naturally mentally and physically stimulating.

Other reasons your dog might be munching down on grass are because he needs more vegetables and fiber in his diet, has intestinal worms, or has another untreated nutritional deficiency which you can check with your trusted veterinarian.

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