When you bring home a pup for the first time it is an exciting new journey that lies ahead, but also one that is filled with responsibility. Every pet parent and dog owner wishes that their puppy turns out to be a well-rounded and balanced adult dog, however in order for that to happen this requires a lot of work and training.

Training your puppy early is important as it teaches your dog the life skills they require throughout. Puppies can begin their training as soon as they come home and as early as 8 weeks old! Do your research and figure out the right way and methods to train your dog.

If training your dog by yourself is something you find difficult, seek the help of a professional dog trainer to help and guide you. It is necessary to know your dog’s breed in and out, learn their behaviors and mannerisms and understand your puppy’s personality well. When you meet your dog trainer for the first time, tell them things you have noticed about your puppy, the training you have started with them (if any,) and what you hope your puppy will achieve through the course of their training.

The Benefits of Training your Dog Early

  • Helps Housebreak your puppy.
  • Makes them understand the importance of crate time and personal space.
  • Your puppy will learn how to socialise with other dogs, and humans the right way.
  • Dog’s will learn basic obedience which they will apply throughout their life.
  • Curbs negative and unwanted behaviors.
  • Positive reward based training will lead your dog to positive outcomes.
  • Strengthens the bond between owner and dog.

The longer you wait to address the unwanted behaviours that your puppy is exhibiting, such as jumping, barking, biting or chewing on furniture or household items that are off limits, the harder it will be to correct this behaviour later on. Do the responsible thing, and start early. It is important to reward your dog properly for good behaviour with high-value treats and to redirect the bad behaviour.

The dog usually looks for approval from their owners, so when they do something well and get rewarded for the same, they feel on top of the moon. Never scream or punish your dog. If you train them right, you won’t even need to. Remember a balanced dog can be achieved with a balanced pet parent, who is willing to put in the effort, patience, and time it requires to successfully train their dog.

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